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Physiotherapy / Pilates

Good health requires a balanced mind, body and spirit.
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Principal Physiotherapist, Simran has extensive experience in musculoskeletal, rehabilitation, pilates and aged care. Simran always strives for best quality of service by providing:

Holistic Physiotherapy Care – unique treatment approach addressing the mind and the body
Long lasting results – treats the root cause of your symptoms
Empowers you – by teaching you self management strategies so you can be in control of your health
Affordable fees, senior’s and low income card holder discount
Most importantly she has your best interest at heart

Based in Perth, Australia, Simran – operating out of High Road Health Centre – provides a boutique holistic Physiotherapy service by combining latest Physiotherapy techniques with mindfulness practices. This approach is unique as it addresses the complete aspect of your health. Mindfulness is used to activate and strengthen pathways to dormant muscles in the body which play a key role towards recovery and long lasting health.

A range of conditions can be treated in this way:
Back, Neck pain
Sports injuries
Hip, knee, ankle pain
Shoulder, elbow, wrist pain
Pregnancy and post natal care
Post surgery care and rehabilitation
Neurological conditions – stroke, spinal injuries
Aged care
Vestibular dysfunction
Postural pain

Simran has a keen interest in chronic pain and has found some dramatic results using this unique holistic approach. Simran combines hands on treatment such as dry needling, massage, stretching techniques with a specific tailored exercise program incorporating mindfulness. Other strategies such as breath awareness, essential oils, meditations may be combined within the sessions as required to address any stress, depression or anxiety which may be adding to your symptoms.

Simran, is highly experienced and registered with the Australian Health Practitioners Registration Agency (AHPRA). Simran has more than 12 years of experience in musculoskeletal conditions, chronic pain, rehabilitation, sports injury, neurology and aged care.  Read more …

A range of Physiotherapy and health services in Riverton, Perth from injury prevention to injury management and treatment. Services are also offered to the corporate sector for employers to improve well being of their staff. Please refer to the corporate services for more detail.


Physiotherapy services include Acute and Chronic Pain Management, Dry Needling, Sports Injuries, Pilates, Postural Assessments and Training, Exercise Programs, Post Surgery Care, Pregnancy and Post-natal Care, Stroke Rehabilitation and Neurological Physiotherapy, Aged Care, Mobile Physiotherapy.
Rehabilitation services for various conditions such as chronic pain, post surgery rehabilitation including total hip, knee replacements, ankle, shoulder reconstructions, aged care, de-conditioning, stroke rehabilitation, spinal care, vestibular rehabilitation, Pilates.

Reformer Pilates

Pilates has many benefits. Pilates strengthens the deeper stabilising muscles in the body. Pilates improves posture, tones the body especially around the waist, assists in recovering from injury, prevents injuries, improves fitness, increases bone density, improves performance in sports, improves balance and much more! Reformer is an equipment which is spring loaded that provides resistance for a quick strength gain in a variety of postures. Book a free assessment with the Physio today to learn more about Pilates and see how you can benefit from it.

Mindfulness Therapy
Mindfulness Therapy utilises the concept of mindfulness in combination with therapeutic exercises. Other mindfulness techniques such as breath awareness, pranayama meditations, sound and essential oils may be used where appropriate. This type of therapy is very useful in managing chronic pain.

Corporate Health

Corporate services are for employers to improve the health and well being of their employees. Services range from proactive injury prevention such as safe design, ergonomics, OHS management systems to office workstation set-ups, pre-employment screening, functional capacity assessments and more.